Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery

Professional ear, nose, and throat surgery procedures

What is Otorhinolaryngology?

Otolaryngologists are ear, nose, and throat surgeons (ENT surgeons). An ENT specialist is a surgical specialist who diagnoses, evaluates, and manages a wide range of diseases of the head and neck, including the ear, nose, and throat areas. ENT surgeons often treat conditions that affect the senses such as hearing and balance disorders or smell and taste problems.


Conditions We Treat

Effingham Surgery Center is proud to specialize in otorhinolaryngology, and we can treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Ear Conditions—Hearing and balance are essential for you to go about your daily life. Our ENTs treat conditions that have to do with hearing loss, otitis, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, ear infections, perforated eardrum, cholesteatoma, and protruding ears.
  • Nose Conditions—Your nasal septum helps you breathe and keeps out potentially harmful dirt, allergens, and other agents. In addition to allergies, our ENT specialists treat deviated septum, sinus infection, rhinosinusitis, nasal injuries, nasal polyps, tumors of the nose, nasal obstruction, and disorders having to do with the sense of smell.
  • Throat Conditions—A condition or injury that affects your ability to speak or swallow can have a significant impact on your life. Our ENT specialists treat sore throats, hoarseness, adenoid problems (surgical removal of the small glands behind the nose), tonsillitis, laryngitis, swallowing problems, upper airway breathing problems, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Head and Neck Conditions—The head and neck contain some of our body’s most vital organs, both of which can be susceptible to tumors and cancer. Our ENTs specialists treat neck masses, cancer affecting the mouth, thyroid, and parathyroid problems, and facial skin lesions including skin cancer.


So much of the work that ENT specialists perform affects the way you live your life and how you perceive yourself. Effingham Surgery Center is proud to have specialists who are experienced in performing ear, nose, and throat surgery procedures. Each one of our medical specialists understands the unique challenges that our patients face, and we are proud to treat a variety of ENT conditions.

Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery Procedures

As a fully licensed, certified, and accredited outpatient surgery center, our highly trained professionals perform a range of outpatient procedures. As ENT specialists, we can treat conditions that affecting hearing, sense of smell, swallowing, breathing, sleep, If you are ready to schedule your outpatient procedure with Effingham Surgery Center, contact us today.

Our ENT surgeons treat the simple to the severe utilizing the most advanced equipment available

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