Hand and Wrist

Are hand or wrist issues preventing you from completing your daily activities?

Why Effingham Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Our team members understand the challenges that patients with hand and wrist injuries face. We are proud to have four excellent surgeons who perform hundreds of hand, wrist, finger, and elbow procedures each year.

From the moment you walk through our office, our medical and support staff cater to your needs. Because we are such a small office, our doctors get to know each patient’s unique case and history. Our surgeons work alongside a team of anesthesiologists and nurses to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure, — and by utilizing world class equipment, our procedures produce the most accurate results.

If your hands are constantly in pain because of carpal tunnel, our surgeons can perform a carpal tunnel release that will reduce pain and improve mobility.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

For patients with carpal tunnel syndrome — a condition caused by a pinched nerve — surgery can help reduce the amount of pain and immobility they face. During a carpal tunnel release, surgeons make a small incision on the patient’s palm and cut the ligament to relieve pressure on the nerve. Another option is an open surgery where a larger incision is made and a greater portion of the ligament is cut. The skin will heal within a few weeks, but physical therapy is recommended for months following this procedure.


Finger Surgery

One of the more common finger surgeries is to correct a condition known as trigger finger — inflammation of a finger’s tendon sheath (the protective covering around each tendon). The inflammation causes thickening of the flexor tendon and creates an interruption in movement along the sheath. The “catching” along the sheath is at the first annular (A1) pulley and creates a “trigger like” position. Tenosynovectomy surgery can help prevent loss of function and improve mobility. It involves splitting the annular (A1) pulley where the tendon is malfunctioning. Removing pieces of the tendon sheath may also benefit patients with arthritis. Typically, patients regain full motion within six weeks but must refrain from manual labor during that time.

Our team of surgeons can help with all your hand, finger, wrist, or elbow conditions. To learn more about our capabilities or to schedule your consultation, contact us today!

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