Quality Initiatives

Did you know that healthcare-related infections affect one in 25 hospital patients and are among the leading threats to patient safety?

Learn more about Healthcare-Associated Infections.

Why is our infection rate so low?

We are entirely committed to your quality of care and patient safety.


Our attention to detail is demonstrated through our impressive infection control rates and patient satisfaction rating. Since 2021 we’ve performed over 6,000 cases/ year with an infection rate of 0.06%. Our rates are this low because we show superior attention to the care of each wound and fully explain the at-home instructions upon discharge. Additionally, we ensure our facility is as clean as possible in order to meet industry standards and prevent the spread of diseases. Since we are an outpatient setting, our patients are much less susceptible than hospital patients to develop an infection or be exposed to other harmful elements.


With a 97% patient satisfaction rate, our team takes quality patient care and customer service seriously.

Dedicated Team

We further our quality initiative efforts by utilizing top-of-the-line equipment and employing the most passionate and professional team members possible. We want to provide the safest environment possible for our patients, which is why we have such stringent quality initiatives in place. Tasks such as cleaning, patient care, and operations are strictly defined. These precautions have led to us being recognized by multiple organizations, including the AAAHC  and CMS. These recognitions have allowed us to gain invaluable education from outside entities and learn best practices from other industry leaders.

Our highly skilled and compassionate team members take pride in being the safest and most dependable ambulatory surgical center in Effingham and the surrounding area. Our quality care initiatives have delivered impressive results, and we are dedicated to this continued success. We strive for this excellence not only to be recognized by outside agencies but to provide the best experience possible for our customers. To learn more about our capabilities or to schedule your visit to our facility, contact us today!

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