Advantages of ASC vs Hospital Based Procedure

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Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) are unique medical branches. This independent medical facility is comprised of highly trained physicians that specialize in a variety of outpatient surgical procedures. What this means is that this is not your traditional same-day surgical service. To put it simply, an outpatient procedure is a quick surgical service, where patients may enter and leave the facility on the same day. This mitigates the need for an overnight hospital stay.


An ambulatory surgical procedure isn’t necessarily changing the way surgery is performed. It’s just a faster alternative to any conventional medical procedure that is practiced in a traditional hospital setting. Now before you decide to jump into an ASC-based procedure, there are a few things that should be taken into account.


These are the three primary luxuries that an ASC outpatient surgical center can deliver to patients:

Lower Costs:

There are a ton of overhead costs that hospitals have to deal with. This is one of the main reasons why hospital bills are usually so high. Since ASC’s are smaller, dedicated spaces, there isn’t as much overhead to support. This will help you avoid breaking the bank on outrageous medical bills. Agreeing to a surgical procedure in an ASC will help patients secure the peace of mind knowing that they are in line for more affordable care that doesn’t put a rut in their budget.

Speed and Convenience:

Hospital procedures often take a lot of time to prepare for. The operating room needs to be reserved and doctors have to strategically define a game plan for the procedure. This can lead to longer wait times for patients. Opting into an ambulatory procedure will eliminate the time spent in the waiting room. Local physicians are readily available to resolve all urgent health issues. If you are in need of more immediate surgical attention, then this is an alternative method that will help get you in and out of the operating room and on the route towards a faster recovery.

Specialty Care and Higher Quality Services:

Ambulatory settings provide a safer and more comfortable environment for physicians to perform in. This makes it easier for medical professionals to deliver targeted services. Physicians in an ASC setting are licensed and certified healthcare professionals making them qualified to tend to a myriad of issues. Hospitals have too far too many patients to account for, which may diminish the overall quality of the surgical procedure. ASC operating areas are set up in a more exclusive, private setting, which makes it easier for physicians to focus on the medical task.

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