Advantages of ASC vs. Hospital Based Procedures

content image operating room view from above


Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are independent healthcare facilities that offer comprehensive outpatient surgical care. While inpatient surgery options are a more conventional choice, outpatient surgery centers offer several significant benefits, including a shorter stay and a lower overall cost. ASCs offer some options for complex procedures such as hysterectomies, total joint replacements and spinal surgery for a broad variety of patients. Here are some important distinctions to consider when deciding between an ASC and a hospital for your procedure.


  • Cost

In 2016, it was estimated that there was an average cost saving between 17.6 and 57.6 percent when patients participated in orthopedic outpatient procedures versus similar procedures performed in a hospital setting. ASCA claimed that patients going through knee arthroscopy could save over $1,200 in costs by electing to have their procedure at an ASC instead of at a conventional hospital.


  • Convenience

Ambulatory Surgery Centers offer premium service that hospitals can’t match due to the scope of their operation. Hospital administration has many more factors to account for, which can be exceedingly frustrating trying to align all the moving parts. ASCs offer a shorter wait time, including same-day surgery in some instances. At Effingham, we’re always striving to make our patient’s stay less stressful than if they’d gone to a conventional hospital.


  • Specialization

Hospitals must account for a myriad of different issues affecting a broad variety of patients. At an ASC, the staff is there to alleviate your specific issue in a timely, efficient manner. Hospitals can’t offer the same level of privacy and specialization that ASC can—they have far too many patients to account for to offer that level of service. You don’t have to wait around in some far corner of a hospital. ASCs offer a high level of privacy in a convenient location.


There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to deciding where to have your surgical procedure take place. Assess the pros and cons of both facilities while keeping in mind what kind of procedure you need to be done. At Effingham Surgery Center, our goal is to provide high-quality in a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective setting. If you’re interested in exploring the several benefits of going to an ambulatory surgery center, reach out to our facility today!