Ambulatory Surgery Center Preoperative Assessment

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Before our specialists provide the high-quality care, we offer for all our patients, it’s crucial that we have as much background information concerning your medical history as possible. Simply put, we’re not doing our job correctly if we don’t have all the information required to perform a procedure up to our high standards. Preoperative assessments can make all the difference when it comes to delivering comprehensive care for our patients—the more information we have concerning our patient’s medical history, the more our team is able to do their job to the best of their abilities. Preoperative interviews and assessments are administered before the procedure occurs to educate the patient about the next logical steps and also to inform the physician of any specific aspects of the patient’s health that need to be accounted for.


How Can Preoperative Assessments Help Patients?

Preoperative assessments are conducted via our website on One Medical Passport. This allows you to complete your medical history, surgical history and medication list in the privacy of your home. This information is then reviewed by our nursing staff and anesthesiologist. With our licensed professional staff. We work with our patients to identify proper precautions we need to take by assessing the patient’s anxiety level, allergies, skin issues, airway issues and any lingering issues caused by sleep apnea or other ailments. We work to provide a comprehensive view of what the procedure will look like and accomplish, and with your input from the assessment, our team is able to paint a clearer picture going forward. Patient education plays a monumental role in the success of a procedure; it’s our goal to make sure you have all the information you need in order to have a hassle-free procedure.


How Does a Preoperative Assessment Affect the Operation?

Correct preparation for an operation can lead to improved recovery time and patient peace of mind. At Effingham Surgery Center, it is our job to keep our patients safe and informed, so your procedures go as smoothly as possible. Ambulatory Surgery Centers emphasize patient satisfaction as one of the most important factors during their stay; preparing correctly always yields better results than underpreparing. Our team is always striving to find cutting-edge ways to treat complicated issues, and preoperative assessments give us the best chance for proactively identifying any lingering issues. Reach out to our team today to see how we can deliver the high-quality care you need for a healthy life.