ASC’s: A Positive Trend in Healthcare

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Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), also knowns as outpatient surgery centers, are facilities that offer patients the convenience of having surgeries and procedures performed outside of a hospital setting. Ever since the first ASC was established in 1970, these facilities had made a positive impact in healthcare. Many hospitals recognize the value of the ASC model. Physicians usually have some ownership in ASCs, and many ASCs are jointly owned by local hospitals.


The United States struggles to improve the costly healthcare system, and ASCs are a great example of how positive changes are being made. This new method of health care delivery not only reduces costs, but it has also improved the quality of care and levels of patient satisfaction. There are several reasons why ASCs are a positive trend in the healthcare industry.


Quality Surgical Care and Positive Patient Experiences


Ever since ASCs were first developed, they have provided exceptional care and higher patient satisfaction for patients undergoing surgical procedures. By operating at an outpatient surgical center rather than a hospital, physicians gain increased control over their surgical practices. In an ASC setting, physicians can:


  • Assemble teams of specially trained and highly skilled staff
  • Schedule procedures more conveniently
  • Ensure that the appropriate state-of-the-art equipment is being used for each procedure
  • Design facilities tailored to certain specialties and specific needs of patients


While a hospital may have hundreds of patients with different health needs in a hospital all at once, an outpatient center is specialized. This means that patients have access to high-quality care that may not have been available to them in a hospital setting.


Reducing Costs for Patients


Not only are ASCs focused on high-quality care, but they also offer a cost-effective option when compared to hospital outpatient departments. The care that outpatient surgical centers provide saves the government, third-party payors (insurance companies), and the patient’s money.


In 1982, Medicare began reimbursing ASCs, which has saved the program billions of dollars. With approximately 5,300 Medicare-certified facilities across the United States and more than 25 million procedures performed each year, Medicare saves $2.3 billion annually. Procedures performed in the ASC today cost Medicare just 53 percent of the amount paid to hospital outpatient departments.


Transparency With Patients


The ASC industry supports disclosure of pricing information. Most of the time, they will make pricing information available to patients prior to the surgery. The healthcare industry as a whole is looking to make price transparency a reality, and ASCs are a step ahead of the rest when it comes to disclosing this information. When sharing this information with a patient, the disclosures outline the total price of the surgical procedure and the specific portion the patient will be responsible for.


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