Do You Have Chronic Pain?

content image Medical doctor drawing chronic pain on the virtual screen


The longer you wait to try to pinpoint the cause of your chronic pain, the more likely you are to suffer significantly for years to come. The key to pain management and long-term health is to proactively identify the issue and find a remedy. It’s the same thing as taking care of your car—if you wait until it’s totaled, it’s already too late. Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) deliver the personalized care your chronic ailment needs for superior long-term comfort. ASCs offer cost-effective, high-quality care with minimal wait time and specific solutions designed to eradicate the pain you’re suffering from.


ASCs are modern health care facilities that provide same-day surgeries with the same cutting-edge equipment, personnel, and protocols that hospitals use with a simpler administration process. While most surgeries have been performed in hospital settings until relatively recently, ASC’s offer an ideal alternative for anyone who’s apprehensive about the wait time, cost, and lack of privacy hospitals offer for surgery.


ASCs were formed after physicians grew frustrated with scheduling delays, budgetary constraints, and other hospital policies that were prohibiting them from doing their job in a timely and effective manner. If that’s why they left the hospital system, then you can imagine how that affects an ASC—less bureaucracy and better service are two important parts of the operation. The movement away from conventional hospital settings was done with the patient’s comfort specifically in mind. The concept of an ASC was designed to provide better quality care for every patient.


If you’re concerned that your chronic pain is showing no sign of slowing down or easing up, an ASC might be the perfect solution for quick, uncomplicated pain relief. At Effingham Surgery Center, our trained specialists offer high-quality affordable care within a reasonable timeframe.


If you’re frustrated by all the hoops you have to jump through at a conventional hospital, you’re not alone. ASCs offer the same quality care in an entirely more agreeable setting. If you’re looking for personalized service delivered at a cost-effective rate, then an ASC is the perfect option for your next procedure. Don’t suffer from chronic pain when there’s a solution out there—call our team at Effingham Surgery Center today for the quality care you deserve!