Five Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

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Here at Effingham Ambulatory Surgery Center, our patients are our priority. Our patient satisfaction is consistently ranked #1 because we take care of you as if you were a member of our family. We have five ways to improve patient satisfaction.

  1. Recognize the value of patient satisfaction. There is no better way to understand the patient’s point of view than to ask. We know how important patient satisfaction is for our reputation. This is an inexpensive and priceless tool for surgery center leaders to measure and improve their performance.  
  2. Include productive questions. It is important to ask tougher questions. In order to improve, it is important to focus on the negative feedback. If there is an issue with something, we want to know. On the other side, it is always great to hear positive feedback from our patients. We want our patients to leave feeling that they would recommend Effingham Ambulatory Surgery Center to others.
  3. Encourage patients to answer follow-up questions. Patients should be comfortable answering questions honestly about their experience. The more encouragement the patients receive, the most willing it is for them to answer.
  4. Share the results. One of the best ways to guarantee that patients’ needs translate into action is to share the results with your physicians and staff. It is important to highlight what they are doing well and areas that require improvement. Leaders should hold staff and physicians responsible for improving areas that patients have identified as a need.
  5. Always look to improve. Like all improvements, patient satisfaction continually needs enhancement. The patient satisfaction process should be updated constantly in order to get the best feedback and improve as a center.

Effingham Ambulatory Surgery Center is continuously looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction. Contact us today for any questions you have about our patient satisfaction process!