The Rise of Ambulatory Surgical Centers

content content image Operating room in cardia surgery

Ambulatory surgery centers are healthcare facilities which offer patients the opportunity to have selected surgical and procedural services performed outside the hospital setting. Performing surgical procedures at ASCs instead of hospitals is more efficient, cost-effective and convenient, resulting in greater patient satisfaction. The rise of ASCs is no surprise. Patients are exposed to fewer resistant bacteria than they would be in a hospital, reducing the risk of infection. There are many reasons as to why people chose ASCs over hospitals. Here are some reasons:

  • Healthcare Costs

Not only are ASCs focused on ensuring patients have the best surgical experience possible, the care they provide is also more affordable. Patients continue to gravitate towards less invasive, less expensive and more effective procedures done in an ASC.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency is what all successful ASCS have in common. Patients are scheduled throughout the day and operating room block times are arranged in such a way to maximize efficiency.

  • Physician Ownership

Most ASCs are owned by the physicians who perform procedures there and who have a direct financial interest in the success of the facility in which they own. This causes a more personable facility.

  • Predictable/Better Outcomes and Higher Patient Satisfaction

All healthcare facilities are highly regulated and must adhere to strict rules, guidelines and regulations. Patients are more satisfied because ASCs give patients more choice.

  • Innovation

Non-bureaucratic environments such as a physician-owned ASC allow for maximum specialization while promoting and fostering innovative strategies and surgical improvements.

There are many reasons for Ambulatory Surgery Centers growth. There are many pros to going to an ASC instead of a hospital for your procedure and that is why we see such a huge rise. If you have any questions or want to schedule your procedure, have your surgeon contact Effingham Ambulatory Surgery Center today!