What to Know Before Your Gallbladder Surgery

Effingham 1.25.18


Known as cholecystectomy, a gallbladder removal surgery is necessary for patients who suffer from gallstones and other issues. Your gallbladder collects and stores bile, which is a digestive fluid produced in your liver. A cholecystectomy may be necessary if you experience pain from gallstones that block the flow of bile.

Why It’s Done  

We may recommend a cholecystectomy if you have:

  • Gallstones in the gallbladder
  • Gallstones in the bile duct
  • Gallbladder inflammation
  • Pancreas inflammation due to gallstones

How You Prepare

To prepare for this kind of surgery, we ask you to eat nothing the night before your surgery. You may drink a sip of water with your medications, but avoid eating and drinking before your surgery. The doctor will give you more information on exactly what they want you to do. You should also inform your doctor about what types of medications and supplements you are currently taking and have them decide which medications you should stop taking prior to your surgery. You should always tell your doctors about all the medications and supplements you take. If you do not inform your doctor what medications you are on and you do not stop taking them you could increase your risk of bleeding.

This procedure is very straightforward and surprisingly common. We utilize industry leading technology to perform many of these procedures with a laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, method.   However, our surgeons can perform open surgery for patients with more complicated cases. The most important things to remember is to relax and listen to your doctor. If you had to rank your organs in order of importance, your poor gallbladder would be somewhere near the bottom, glaring up at your heart and lungs with jealousy.