Why Choose an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Effingham 1.19.18

ASCs have grown and developed since the first in 1970, and there are now more than 5,500 of these advanced ambulatory surgery center medical facilities throughout the United States. When patients choose an ambulatory surgery center, most find that the process is much more convenient, as well as more personal. Our mission is to provide first-class surgical services in a safe, welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families. Our specialized staff helps each patient’s visit go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Benefits of An Ambulatory Surgery Center Include:

Ease of Use:

Since our center focuses on a limited number of procedures, most patients find that we are much easier to navigate than a typical hospital environment.


Our central facility is conveniently located in Effingham, Illinois. We can be found at 904 West Temple Effingham, Illinois, 62401.


All surgeries at an ASC are scheduled, your procedure is never bumped or delayed by an emergency case.

Reduced Cross-Infection:

If a patient is ill, we will reschedule the procedure for a later date. Therefore, there is a much-lowered opportunity for someone else’s illness to become yours in an ASC than in a hospital.

Focus on the Patient:

We know exactly how many patients we will serve each day and can, therefore, staff appropriately to ensure very personal care. Our priority in the center is you and your procedure. We will provide you with a convenient, affordable same day surgery experience. Our compassionate, expert medical staff is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality care that is always patient-centered.


We have financial options. We understand that surgery financing can be a challenge, and that’s why we offer financing programs to help ease the burden of your healthcare costs.

Our patient satisfaction is consistently ranked #1 because we take care of you are if you were a member of our own family. For you next outpatient procedure, let Effingham Surgery Center treat you with the service-oriented care that our patients have grown to depend on. Contact us today at (217) 342-1234.